Eco Construction and Community Work

We have just arrived at Anahata healing centre in a rural village near Mysore. We are staying here with “Workaway” on a work exchange principal. This is where you travel by volunteering for hosts in return for food and board.

Currently we are working on a marketing and crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a children’s treatment space at the centre. Kiran, the founder of Anahata, runs his centre based on principles of Ayervedic medicine and he has 5 years experience working with children who have disabilities. The space will be somewhere disabled children and children with injuries can come for rehabilitation, and various treatments such as massage, art therapy and yoga.

Work is also underway to construct new rooms out of natural materials such as mud, water and wood. We will write more about the project soon but for the moment we just wanted to share with you some of the photos JJ has taken so far whilst shooting for the crowdfunding video.


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