Hostel Living


Hostels are becoming an increasingly popular choice for backpackers when it comes to travelling. People seem to be drawn to the social aspect of communal living and the cheaper price of staying in a hostel as opposed to hotels or other accommodation. 

Our first stop in India took us to ‘The Jungle’ with The Hostel Crowd in Vagator, north Goa. This place had everything we needed: large communal living spaces, self-catering kitchen, breakfast included, showers and really helpful staff. On top of that there was morning yoga on the rooftop, scooters to rent just outside the hostel and daily activities organised.

The place was thriving with travellers from all over the world so we asked some of our fellow backpackers why they choose to travel by staying in hostels. We were interested to know what it is that makes hostel life so appealing to travellers from all walks of life. JJ took some portraits so let us introduce to you some of the wonderful people we met:

jungle-hostel-project-hoggphotography01Don, Ottawa Canada: “That’s the only way to travel.”


Jan, Germany: “It’s a lot cheaper and it’s different from my everyday life as I stay in a lot of hotels for work. There’s a community in hostels like every evening sitting together in the common rooms, people are so similar but from so many different places.”


Micha, Switzerland: “I love to be social so that’s pretty much why I go to hostels when I’m travelling.”


Mariska, Holland: “There are people from all over the world. It’s an opportunity to share stories, experiences and create new bonds.”


Sanjay, Hyderabad India: “Meeting various people from different countries you can learn about their culture, tradition and knowledge.”

Vivek, India: “To explore new and wild things.”

Vineeth, India: “To meet people. It’s budget friendly and mostly, it’s fun!”

Reyanth, India: “It’s good for making new friends.”

And of course none of this experience that brings people together would even be possible without the amazing team behind the hostel. Here’s a quote from one of the staff, Ashwin, about why he likes being part of hostel life:

“I started travelling and I wanted to experience Indian travel. Travelling in India was so beautiful and so exciting, I understand how it is so difficult for people to get through so it just became a part of me that I wanted to help people travel better. Hostels made a lot of sense instead of going for the travel business, it makes sense for me just being here and helping people.”



Thanks to all the staff at The Jungle hostel for providing us with such a great place to start our India journey!

Watch this space 🙂

All photos by JJ & written by Jasmine


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