Welcome to our blog, a creative collaboration between photographer and writer as we make our way through India. Both from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, we have undertaken 3 months of slow travel, gathering stories along the way to share.

For us, travel is about making connections with people & places, with a sense of community in mind and respect for local customs & traditions, as well as the natural environment. We want to get hands on involvement with change making projects and make an active positive contribution as we travel. This is why we will be spending some time volunteering along the way with a work exchange travel site called “workaway”. We’ll making sure we interact with as many people as possible everywhere we go so that we can learn all about how other people live.



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jjJJ Oxberry Hogg

JJ has worked for successful marketing campaigns with local nightlife promoters as a videographer and photographer such as SoulJam and Unity Festival. His professional portfolio covers a wide range of photography from documentary to commercial work. He has completed a Foundation Degree in photography and is currently studying to gain a full degree in Creative Enterprise. His work has been exhibited in local bars and small galleries. To travel and walk the world is another of his passions and a dream he has always chased.

View his work at: Hogg Photography

Jasmine Irving

jasJasmine is a writer & traveller with a TEFL English Teaching certificate and experience teaching English abroad. She graduated from Falmouth University (UK) with a First Class BA HONS Degree in English Literature and Media Studies, specialising in feminist, post colonial theory. She missed her graduation ceremony because she was WWOOFing on an organic farm with an autonomous community. She spent 14 months travelling by staying with hosts and working in exchange for food and board. Her work has previously been published in print with The Journal, Mslexia and Novel magazine, as well as for various online publications such as The Huffington Post and Positive News. 

View her personal website here: Coeliac on The Road

Previous creative collaborations between JJ and Jasmine include a photo-illustrated short story for Litro Magazine and a photo-journalist social documentary piece for Edge Of Humanity Magazine.

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